About Us

Mgoza House Call Tours was formed in 2002 and specialises in the provision of door to door transfer services to individual, corporate clients and tourists travelling in and around the Gauteng province for business or other purposes. The company is a 100% black owned enterprise which is owned and managed by Mr Moses Kunene. The vision is to create a viable and sustainable business enterprise, which can significantly contribute towards the creation of decent jobs and the reduction of poverty in South Africa.

Mgoza House Call Tours aims to provide a professional and competitive enterprise that offers unique, customised and value for money transfer packages to its client’s base. This approach alone has, to a certain extent, enabled the company to gain customers loyalty, goodwill and repeat sales, which has resulted in the maximisation of profitability and the survival of the company. Mgoza House Call Tours aims to build a reputation and market share by positioning its offerings as an alternative to those of its competitors in the Gauteng province. This will be attained through the development and implementation of an aggressive marketing and communication strategy. The company’s long-term goal is to be the top rated company that provides safe, reliable and professional transport services for its clients.

The philosophy of Mgoza House Call Tours is one that emphasizes service excellence and the realisation that the effective gratification of our customers needs is a key element that will lead to our company’s success.

The company also realises that, in this highly competitive business, flexibility, professionalism and customer orientation are the primary ingredients that will result to a competitive edge. Therefore, Mgoza House Call Tours hires employees that are helpful and courteous. All our employees are trained on hospitality and customer care programmes. Our drivers undergo advanced driving training programmes, which will also involve how to respond to emergencies such as accidents and hijackings. As an added safety measure for both our drivers and passengers, Mgoza House Call Tours vehicles are fitted with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and tracking devices, which enable our vehicles to be tracked and located when there is a need to do so. Our vehicles are always kept clean, well maintained, and inspected regularly for the safety and comfort of our clients.

Mgoza House Call Tours’ strategic approach of growing the business is to identify, establish and maintain formalized business relationships with companies which utilise our services on a regular basis in line with the terms of the contractual agreement.